Research on Finnish Society (1:2008)

Tourism consumption revisited - an empirical study of Finnish consumers

Antti Honkanen and Pekka Mustonen
Business Economics and Tourism, VAMK, University of Applied Sciences
Economic Sociology, Turku School of Economics

According to postmodern theories, social divisions are based on identity and lifestyle rather than on sociodemographic background. In this paper, the effects of these both were examined. Tourism consumption was divided into two dimensions, tourism consumption and desire to travel more. Empirical analysis were based on two nation-wide surveys, Finland 1999 and Finland 2004. Sociodemographic factors were assumed to influence more on tourism consumption than on desire to travel more. The results were somewhat parallel with the hypothesis. However, both demographics and lifestyle determinants should be taken into account. The effects have remained quite stable regardless of the finding that desire to travel more has decreased while tourism consumption has increased.

Key words: postmodern, tourism consumption, consumption habits, lifestyle, desire to travel, Finland