Research on Finnish Society

Table of contents (1:2008)

Why does Finnish social research need an international journal? (100kb PDF)


Juho Härkönen:
Labour force dynamics and the obesity gap in female unemployment in Finland
Abstract (HTML); Article (140kb PDF)

Jukka Savolainen:
Family structure and adolescent victimization in Finland: Investigating the stepfamily as a source of risk
Abstract (HTML); Article (110kb PDF)

Nina Kahma & Riie Heikkilä:
Defining legitimate taste in Finland: Does mother tongue matter?
Abstract (HTML); Article (120kb PDF)

Antti Honkanen & Pekka Mustonen:
Tourism consumption revisited - An empirical study of Finnish consumers
Abstract (HTML); Article (120kb PDF)

Review essay

Jan-Otto Andersson:
Finland - Twelve points! (100kb PDF)